Curie, elf of the Royal Guard, is on a quest to rescue his lord and liege from slavery


HP: 25 AC: 4 THAC0: 19
Weapons: Short Bow, Dual-wield short swords


Curie is an elven fighter, born in Seranthala of the Brandar Forest and member of the Royal Guard. After a coup in which his lord is captured and sold into slavery, Curie and the rest of the Guard are sent into exile. Their first order of business is to liberate their lord from the forced labor camp where she’s been imprisoned. Their second order? To regain their kingdom.

Curie and his comrades break into a Tonytron patrol center to steal plans to the forced labor camp. Something goes awry, and they’re caught by the patrol. One of the Curie’s companions slays a patrolmen and is arrested. Curie flees, whereupon he is united with our adventurers. The party decides to rescue Curie’s companion that night, while everyone is still disorganized and confused.


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