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  • Elves

    While at first they may seem aloof and arrogant, elves [[Elven Appearance]] [[Elven Society]] [[Elven Racial Abilities]]

  • Elven Appearance

    Elves generally resemble humans, only shorter and slimmer. If desired, elves can disguise themselves as humans, provided the obscure a few tell-tale details. They are betrayed by their singular, angular countenances, their pointed ears and their slanting …

  • Elven Society

    Though in past ages elves lived in isolation in their immaculate cities, these days most elves live with humans and gnomes in common settlements. While a few elven villages remain, they are the exception, not the rule.

  • Curie

    Curie is an elven fighter, born in Seranthala of the Brandar Forest and member of the Royal Guard. After a coup in which his lord is captured and sold into slavery, Curie and the rest of the Guard are sent into exile. Their first order of business is to …

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