Dwarven Racial Abilities

Life Span

Like elves and gnomes, a dwarf’s life span is very long, usually reaching past 300 years.


Dwarves are courageous, tenacious fighters, but they’re wary of magic. Dwarves never use magical spells or train as wizards, though they can train as priests and attain the spells of this group. Because of this dwarves have some resistance to magic items, though the same trait can cause problems when a dwarf tries to use a magic item. Outside of enchanted weapons and armor, most magic backfires on any dwarf attempting to use it.


Dwarves are a somewhat sleepy race, perhaps due to their time spent below-ground. Instead of the regular 8 hours required by humans and other demihuman races, dwarves must get a minimum of 10 hours of sleep a night. Less than that and they begin to get cranky and weak. Much less than that and the dwarf begins to hallucinate.


In addition to speaking the language of the dwarves, most dwarves find it useful to learn the languages of their enemies and allies. Common additional languages for a dwarf include gnomish, goblin and orc.

Blood Feud

Due to their deep-seated and all-consuming hatred for evil, dwarves gain additional strength and stamina when fighting goblins, hobgoblins and orcs. Their training in fighting larger foes means that they also gain advantages against trolls, ogres and giants.


Dwarves are almost entirely resistant to cold weather, and can survive in temperatures well below freezing without additional protective clothing.

Other Abilities

Due to their time underground, dwarves can see up to 60 feet in the dark. They can also detect unsafe stonework, sliding doors, new passageways, pits, traps, pitfalls and the like. Dwarves can also detect their approximate depth underground at any time.

Dwarven Racial Abilities

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