Dwarves are a noble race that live beneath the earth, forging great cities and waging war aginst the forces of chaos and evil. Dwarves also have much in common with the rocks and gems they love to work, for they are both hard and unyielding. It’s often been said that it’s easier to make a stone weep than it is to change a dwarf’s mind.

Other races often find dwarves to be a surly, sour, grumpy folk who prefer the dampness of a cave to the bright open light. This is partially true. Dwarves can have little patience for men and other short-lived races. Some are also known to distrust elves due to ancient racial disagreements. When push comes to shove, however, dwarves will ally with any race determined to fight against evil.

Since most of their culture is focused on creating things from the earth, dwarves are skilled miners, engineers and architects. A dwarf may be brought to tears at the sight of a great architectural masterpiece and are considered to be Ardem’s greatest stoneworkers. Dwarves also make their livings as smiths, armorers, and gem-cutters.

Dwarven Appearance

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