In their short time on the planet Ardem, humans have come to cover almost all of the globe. Their influence can be felt everywhere, their settlements found in every corner. Their rapid proliferation and diaspora gives them the kind of power that other races only dream of. Some, such as the elves, can find this irksome, as they fought long and hard to achieve the mastery that short-lived humans accomplished in mere generations.

Humans live with a speed and emotional intensity alien to other races. Elves, dwarves and gnomes can’t quite understand human passion, or their drive to achieve. Of course, since they get hundreds more years to grow and learn, they wouldn’t feel the same urgency. Human life span is about 90 years, and they feel the need to pack a lot into that time. They also don’t get the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, and other races bemoan the circularity of human folly through the generations.

Humans come in so many shapes, sizes and orientations that it seems futile to try and capture their complexity here. Generally speaking, humans are much taller than other humanoid races. Their skin, hair and eyes can take any color. They’re often thought to be more greedy than other races (with the exception of dwarves), but this is not always the case, and they certainly cannot be said to dress more gaudily than, say, elves.

Humans usually live together in settlements of varying size, from villages on up to cities. Others, like rangers or adventurers, prefer to live alone. Though humans retain close ties to their families for the most part, they don’t exhibit the same clannishness as dwarves or gnomes, and it’s not unusual to find them venturing far from their home in search of something, be it adventure, enlightenment or profit.


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